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Dog Bone Designs also maintains the web sites for several organizations. One of the difficulties organizations often encounter is how to maintain an online membership list without incurring excessive cost. We all know membership information is highly volatile. We also know that most organizations operate on a pretty tight budget. How can you keep the information current without spending a lot of money? Dog Bone Designs has the answer. We can provide you with a searchable list that can be easily maintained by your secretary. You probably already keep your membership list in a spread sheet or a database. All your secretary needs to do is export your list, in the format we provide, and copy the file to the server. No understanding of html is required. Click here for an example. This technique has many uses such as classified ads, calendars etc..

Feel free to contact any of our clients and ask them about our prompt friendly service. Just click on any of the logos shown at the top of this page to send an email to that organization.

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