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Dog Bone Designs offers reasonably priced hosting services for your web site. We strive to provide you with one stop shopping for all of your web site needs. Not only will we design and build your site for you, we will also purchase your domain name and provide hosting. If you have any problem with your site, just email or call Dog Bone Designs and we will take care of the problem. Be sure to include your domain name in the message so we know which site has the problem.

We offer two hosting plans at this time.
  • The basic plan gives you 25 meg of storage space, 1 pop email account and unlimited email aliases with forwarding. An alias allows you to receive email addressed to specials@mydomain.com and find them in your normal ISP provided mail yourname@midcoast.com. This way you only need to check one location to get all of your mail. This plan is adequate for most informational sites. If you wish to sell products or require heavy CGI Script useage, the premium plan is required.

    Price: $15 per month plus $9 one time setup fee

  • The premium plan gives you 100 meg of storage space, 15 pop email accounts and unlimited email aliases with forwarding. Your own cgi-bin directory and control panel, secure server (SSL), server side includes (SSI), various scripting languages supported, pretty much anything you would ever need. This plan is adequate for any type of site. Plans with more space are available at additional cost.

    Price: $22 per month

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